Heaven is just 2 levels away at the Dubai Festival City Mall! The kebap of sultans, Iskender Kebap, that has put Turkey in the food map of the world, now comes to you in its former glory, untouched by modernism.

Traditional methods of cooking infused with original recipe, wafting aromas, ambience reminiscent of mid 18th century Bursa (Turkey), timeless artifacts…Sultan Baba Iskender is more of an experience than a restaurant.

Our wide grill menu boasts of over 15 varieties of kebaps, apart from pitas, starters, doners, salads, starters and desserts. Get together with family, friends or colleagues; or grab a bite on the go. There’s a lot to delight everyone!

Kebaps had humble beginnings when nomadic Persian soldiers carried small pieces of meat which they pierced on their distinctive curved swords and cooked over an open fire. Things got spicier and innovative as people started experimenting with spices and methods of cooking. It was then in Bursa (Turkey), era 1867, that the kebap of sultans, Iskender Kebap was innovated. The story of its inception is equally interesting.

Until mid 18th century, the lamb was cooked above the charcoal fire horizontally that caused a lot of smoke and loss of fat & water in the meat. The chefs of Bursa rectified the issue by grilling the meat vertically, attaching smaller layers of meat squeezed between minced meat, which was called Doner Kebap.

Doner Kebap was enhanced by adding wider layers of meat, then placing them in plate with pieces of pita bread, adding spicy tomato sauce and finally dousing it with browned butter and yogurt. Thus originated Iskender Kebap.

Sultan Baba Iskender brings you the same kebap adhering to the traditional methods of cooking which you’d find nowhere else in Dubai, adding no artificial flavors into the meat. One heavenly bite into the kebap and you are transported to the Ottoman kitchen culture, to the very Kebap Souq of Bursa where it all started.

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