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We are a group of passionate Crew Members who worked for Cruise Lines and traveled the most beautiful destinations around the world.

Along with the experience we had while we were cruising, we observed the difficulties and the needs of crew members.

So, we decided to come together and bring our experiences in to World Wide Web.





We know your time is limited and working so hard to enjoy life.

Our goal is to create a database and a network with reliable and quality information about the Cruise Ports, so Crew Members can enjoy their visit all around the world.

Crewinn.com brings you trusted information about the best places,discounts & deals in


We are working hard to bring the most valuable and  trusted port & shopping information to our colleagues.

We provide quality service for Business Owners to grow their business and to have a better place in the market.



Crewinn.com is the only Port & Shopping Guide specialy designed for Crew Members that provides trusted information about the places in more than 250 Cruise Destinations World Wide.

We know   Where to go,   What to do,  Where to spend…

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